UNIPOOL is building the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the world

UNIPOOL is a project launched by Bitcoinsap, a Cryptocurrencies Teller Machine manufacturing and Software development companies. They supplied and maintained Cryptocurrencies Teller Machines to more than 70 private and institutional clients worldwide and now decided to become active players in the field through the UNIPOOL joint partnership. The partnership aims to install and operate the biggest Cryptocurrencies Teller Machines (CTM) network worldwide. It will allow more conservative individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies or use them as an utility tool through the convenience of acquiring them directly from a CTM for cash.

An open door to investors and users of all size

Following the cryptocurrencies market boom of early 2021, many low capital investors couldn’t invest in ERC-20 tokens which is the most used smart contracts infrastructure to this day because of high transaction fees(gas fee) which canceled one of the main characteristics of cryptocurrencies, the low transactionnal cost.

UNIPOOL($UPTX) was deployed on the Tron Public Chain to allow individuals to invest in the building of the largest CTM network worldwide. Their leadership chose the Tron Public chain to deploy their Cryptocurrency because the Tron Public Chain offers the fastest transaction speed for low fees. This choice will reduce the barrier of entry of investors and utility users in the UNIPOOL Ecosystem.


UNIPOOL ($UPTX) is a cryptocurrency beginning it’s ICO phase at 0.33USDT/UPTX. The UNIPOOL ICO has set the target to deploy 600 CTM on worldwide targeted locations by 2022 Q2.


UNIPOOL CTM: A cryptocurrencies Teller Machine that allows users to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies almost instantly by using the Tron Public Chain.

DEFI WALLET: A Decentralized finance wallet that allow it’s users to deposit cryptocurrencies to purchase DeFi projects all in the same mobile app without the need to use a a computer based web wallet such as metamask.

UNIPOOL Point Of Sale devices: A Point of sale device that allows goods and service providers to receive payments almost instantly.

UNIPOOL P2P: A P2P platform that will allow buyers and sellers to securely trade crypto assets(Coins and NFT’s) with the help of an escrow to regulate the process.

Revenue Streams:

Transaction fees: The transaction fees generated by the transactions that go through UNIPOOL CTMs and POS devices will build the main stream of income. The CTM transactions fees collected by UNIPOOL will partially be added as trading liquidity for the UPTX holders every two weeks. This will ensure continued growth of the Token’s value and provide capital to expand the network gradually, the goal is to operate 20.000 CTMs worldwide by 2025.

Advertising revenue: All UNIPOOL CTMs will leave the possibility to display advertising content in the form of videos when they are not being used. Half of it will be added to the trading liquidity periodically.

True value

Unipool is not a virtual project, it is a group of experienced engineers and consultants with working prototypes of their different products and services looking to expand to the operational field on a global scale.

UNIPOOL yields a foreseeable potential by expanding the Crypto market to reach traditional users. Their main goal is to build a bridge between buyers and the crypto assets by means of convenience and efficient integrations.


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